New energies

Our consulting services for clients in the innovative sector of new energies bring legal certainty. The many years we have of wide-ranging experience on the investor side and on the side of project coordinators and general contractors for plant engineering and construction mean that we know what is important when the legal agreement is drafted, taking into account the risks inherent in this sector and associated with international legal transactions.

We have already brought many projects to a successful conclusion for our clients both in terms of project planning and the search for investors and with regard to erection, maintenance and support for the plant. Here too, it is becoming ever more important to exhaust all the potential government funding that is available and to plan carefully, taking into account nature conservation regulations, building and emissions regulations, social acceptance and the long-term security of operating costs in order to ensure sustainable efficiency and thus long-term success for all those involved in such a project.

We have been able to go far beyond our client’s expectations in completing various projects in the field of biomass energy, biogas, wind and solar energy utilisation, sometimes with different orientations and in some cases an international background, thanks to a comprehensive consulting approach, sound specialist knowledge, extensive experience and many creative implementation ideas developed as a team, thus ensuring success and sustainable earnings for our clients.