Law Firm

Law Firm

We are an international law firm with its main operations in Europe and Turkey. Our team provides both legal and chartered accounting services to not only medium-sized companies but also we currently conduct business with some of the companies listed in Istanbul‘s stock exchange index BIST 100.

We specialize in offering legal and consulting services for companies that want to build up business relationships with both Germany and Turkey.

Further to conducting a court within Germany, our office is specialised in national and international arbitration procedures for our clients especially according ICC and DIS rules. We advise in all stages of such an arbitrage, such as agreeing an arbitrage clause, choosing arbitrators and finally representation of our clients in its procedure. Particularly its related procedures such as the Petition for reversal of an arbitration award (section 1059 German Code of Civil Procedure), procedures of recognition and enforcement of national and international arbitration awards (sections 1060 and 1061 German Code of Civil Procedure) are advised and conducted by our law firm.

We have got over 20 years of experience working with different companies and people from varying legal systems across the world. This has allowed us to grow our network of specialized professionals and associated partners. Through our partnerships with specifically chosen law firms, we are able to integrate cross-border expertise into the services we provide in Europe and Turkey.

Due to our international stature and our mission to provide our clients with the highest level of international professionalism, we are able to offer creative consultancy services that ensure the most suitable solutions for complex issues that satisfy our clientele.

Through our experience, we are able to assure our clients that despite the detailed and challenging nature of different legal systems, they will be able to achieve their individual objectives.

Consultancy in the various sectors of new energies and the associated plant engineering and construction in both national and international project business is enormously important in our work: from the initial idea through the search for suitable partners, the legally watertight agreement on the project content and expertise in the preparation, delivery and operation of a plant, we also assist our clients as a reliable and professional partner both by providing advice when it comes to erection (customs, visas and project coordination, etc.) and the resolution of problems during operation (warranty, securing evidence, technical inspection, enforcing contractual claims, contract penalties and compensation, etc.) and by enforcing claims through national and international courts.