When dealing with compliance, one must always adhere to the relevant laws and regulations, but must also voluntarily follow codes of conduct within a company. We can offer expert teams who advise clients on such issues.

As risk prevention is an important aspect of business, medium sized companies must become more and more aware of it. Indeed, insufficient disclosure of compliance is considered to be a breach of the obligation of “The honest tradesman” where a claim to compensation may occur.

The services that we offer management teams in this field include the identification of risk within the industry as well as company specific matters. Here, we advise on the legal requirements, the enforcement of new policies as well as the establishment of supervision mechanism during implementation. In addition to these services, we also look for weaknesses in existing compliance systems. In this area, we provide representation in administrative inquiries, in the event of damages and represent and defend them during preliminary legal proceedings.

In addition to the aforementioned advisory services, we also consult in the field of indemnity insurance (D&O Insurance).