Labour law

Our team offers extensive consultancy to companies that require Employment law services. We think strategically and in doing so are able to protect and advance the interests of our clients even in demanding situations. Our devoted approach aims to reduce our clients exposure to litigation but if it comes down to it, we are behind them every step of the way.

International Employment law requires a certain set of expertise and a degree of professionalism.

We assist and represent our clients in the event of a termination of employment whether that is advising on the steps required, notification, enforcement or the relevant documentation. We provide representation services for any litigation brought against the company for wrongful dismissal, and settlement negotiations, which for all of our clients is the key goal. Of course, our main aim is to successfully assist our clients through our extensive specialist experience. Our passion and devotion to the industry means that we are able to undertake and successfully resolve these complex situations

Our employment department provides a variety of services that assist in the event of a change in a company. This can include but is not limited to a collective redundancy, the sale of the business or the closure of a company. We assist in the planning, organization and negotiations with the employee bodies. Our aim here is to cooperate in finding solutions to any issues. If proceedings are necessary, we provide the appropriate representation and services required.